Vendor: Chader Mart

Orvibo Lock WiFi Smart Door Lock

Tk 17,500
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Point: JBL Point : 70000

Orvibo Olock WiFi Smart Door Lock

Key Features

  • Model: Olock
  • Supports password, key and OTP unlock
  • Door Thickness: 35mm-55mm
  • User Support: 50 User
  • Power Supply: 4pcs AA alkaline batteries


    Orvibo Olock WiFi Smart Door Lock

    The Orvibo Olock WiFi smart Door lock has multiple unlocking options available, including code input, backup mechanical keys, and remote codes. providing both temporary access for guests like your friends and the cleaning crew as well as permanent codes for you and your entire family. No matter where you are, your smartphone may access the Orvibo House app's real-time Olock status information to guarantee the security of your home. The Wi-Fi is already included in Orvibo Olock, saving you money and eliminating the need to purchase a Wi-Fi bridge. Faster and easier access control security verification. Your data is kept secure and private by being stored. The ultimate defense will be a smart alarm and lock usage reporting system: five incorrect code attempts, locking the door, and attempting to unlock it with a knife in the rear will all set off the alarm and alert you on the app. The doors will be locked within the predetermined amount of time after shutting thanks to its automatic locking feature. In addition, you can use the Orvibo Home app to remotely lock it and check its status. The Orvibo Olock Door Lock uses four AA alkaline batteries, which can last up to one and a half years with frequent use. When the battery is close to running out, a smartphone app will send a low battery message. Your concern about running out of charge is allayed by a pop-up power supply with a Type-C charging connection and any portable power bank. The Orvibo Olock WiFi smart Door lock has no warranty.