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Edifier Hecate GT4s Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Earbuds

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Key Features

  • Model: Hecate GT4s
  • Driver: 10mm dynamic
  • 15ms ultra low latency
  • Dual-Wireless technology
  • IP55-certified Dust and Water proof


    Main Feature
    Frequency 20Hz - 20kHz
    Connection Type Bluetooth/2.4G
    Duration Bluetooth: 26 hours (6.5 hours+19.5 hours)
    2.4G: 20hours (5 hours+15 hours)
    Physical Specification
    Drivers Φ10mm dynamic driver

    Weight 4.3g(Each earbud) + 38g(Charging case) + 8g(Adapter)
    Color Black
    Warranty 1 year


    Edifier Hecate GT4s Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Earbuds

    The Edifier Hecate GT4s comes with Dual-Wireless technology that provides Bluetooth 5.2 and 2.4G wireless connectivity. It has 15ms ultra-low latency with a special H+ sound effect for a seamless gaming experience. The Hecate GT4s provides a VIP data channel to achieve super clear voice and stable transmission. With a 10mm dynamic driver unit you can get different modes for music and game sound. The Earbuds are designed with RGB lighting effects to highlight the gaming atmosphere. The seamless Bluetooth connection and USB/Type-C adapter support PS4, Switch, Pad, PC, Laptop, and mobile.

    2.4GHz Dual Wireless Mode

    The Edifier Hecate GT4s Wireless Gaming Earbuds are designed with Bluetooth V5.2 and 2.4GHz wireless that Connect instantly to computers and other gaming devices, or directly to your phone without secondary transfer to experience event-level speeds. The connection distance is about 10 meters, making the movement more flexible. With Bluetooth V5.2 you can enjoy a low latency of 45ms in the game mode.

    10mm Composite Diaphragm

    The Edifier Hecate GT4s Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Earbuds provide a flawless gaming and music listening experience which is achieved by using a composite biological diaphragm to reproduce the original sound. The bass is not muddy, and the three frequencies are balanced. Utilize the PixArt Mobile Game Chip, which has been optimized for H+ game sound effects, to precisely pinpoint each sound.

    Super Clarity Voice Call and Music

    The Edifier Hecate GT4s Wireless Gaming Earbuds provide every user with a premium listening experience, Edifier Acoustic Lab has gathered 26 years of audio technology. To conventional Bluetooth earphones, the GT4 S uses a dedicated encrypted data channel, which may result in a crisper voice during communication.

    Dynamic RGB Lighting

    The Edifier Hecate GT4s comes with a futuristic HECATE gene and spaceship design that gives it the appearance of an ET raptor. It also has dynamic and precise RGB eagle-eye illumination.